"Dev Log"

Good news: I've created a new section specifically for developer logs!

Now I won't have to fill up my regular blog with this stuff, so I can focus on the things that really matter. I will eventually segment this section into different categories based on what I'm talking about, but until I feel comfortable talking about what I'm creating, game-wise or software-wise, I'll probably just make posts about the site here.

I've added a sidebar to include various sections. Now you can access other areas of the site from anywhere, rather than having to back out to the index and select from there. Similarly, I have turned the name in the banner into a link- click it to return to the index. It's redundant, and perhaps I'll just omit "HOME" from the sidebar in time. But for now, it's sufficient for my tastes.

For convenience's sake, I made more CSS files for these subsections, in case I want to edit them individually. I'll probably give them custom backgrounds in time, but until then, I'll just work with what I've got.

Problem: this still doesn't give me too much to work with. Solution: I'll add another section. It's not hard once I have the general structure worked out; I just have to commit to organizing everything.

Oh, I have a question for any experienced web devs that somehow stumbled into here.

I've set the black text boxes to have max width of 710 pixels- should be 750, when you account for outline and padding. However, it doesn't shrink until some of the text on the screen is covered. I suspect it's an issue with me using relative position and setting an offset of 250px for the box; as such, it won't shrink until around 250 pixels are cut off by the browser window. Googling isn't proving fruitful for this issue, so if anyone can help me out, please send me a comment on my Neocities Stats page with a suggestion. Thank you in advance! I'll keep searching for a solution in the meantime.

- Eldridge Jameson
May 26th, 2022